Our Solutions

SAP ERP Implementation

SAP is an Enterprise Resource Planning Solution developed by the worlds leading developers of erp systems. It is worth for you to note that sixty percent of the world’s transactions go through some kind of SAP system. With On-Cloud and On-Premise deployment options for SAP Business One, your small or midsize business can quickly and easily reap the benefits of streamlining operations, having instant access to accurate company-wide information and enjoy accelerating profitable growth.

If you decide to implement SAP in your business, We can easily provide you with expert services in implementation of personalised solutions (Customisation, Data Migration, Configuration, Initialisation, Support). you can also leverage on us to provide you addons to help you deliver intuitive reports in real time.


Leysco Systems Consulting

Leysco Systems Consulting Services provides you with expert advisory & professional services focused on Designing efficient Solutions to streamline your business processes with regards to: Application Architecture, Application Development, Feasibility and Technology Evaluation, Application Development, Application Maintenance and Support, Legacy Transformation and Integration and Technical Resource Staffing.


Web Development and Hosting

Is it true that websites are your customers primary source of information.

Never before has the world been able to connect across the globe and interact so easily. Think about the last time you needed to know something, anything — chances are you went to look it up online. The Internet has completely changed the way we live and how we gather information. Not only is it now our primary source of information, but it has revolutionized the way businesses operate and communicate with customers.


Web Application Development-MS, E-COMMERCE

We specialize in web based application system development.

We specialize in web based application system development with number of web technology such as Java, .NET and PHP. We are also capable of working with number of popular web development frameworks to you if you want to develop a powerful, practical frontend and backend web based application system to suit your business’s needs .


Mobile Apps Development

services to fit your business needs.

We craft rich user experiences mobile applications that reinvent how businesses engage the world. With our extensive experience in bringing mobile applications from idea stage to execution, we know that we can help you create a mobile app that fits your business needs.